MineWorld Horror The Mansion

4.6 / 5

Have fun with this horror game MineWorld Horror The Mansion in Kukogames now! . Have fun with this game in the style of the world of Minecraft but now you will have to survive the zombies that are everywhere, be careful and escape shooting, look for ammunition and try to survive the best you can.

The mansion in the suburbs of the city was opened 12 hours ago by 2 policemen and the psychiatrist. From there, they called and told them it was odd. Since then, no one has heard of them.
You send the house to look for it and wait... But things will go horribly wrong...


First anf Third Person gaming type Minecraft.

Six guns, two melee and four ranged

More than 10 zombie forms

Horror shooter with more game escape.

Fantastic 3d maps


Firearms Mouse 1

Sightseeing Cursor 2

C: Video control turn

W, S, A, D: player going

Sprint: Left Move

Ctrl left dangling!

X: Susceptible:

Area: hop

F: use object: Use device

A: Loading back

H: Waffle Holster

G: Granada throw

T: Enter the time of the bullet

Esc or Tab: divide

  • - Scan the QR Code with your mobile camera
  • - You can enjoy this Game on smartphone and tablet (Iphone, Ipad, Android devices and Windows Phone)


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