Super Mario 64 Land

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Super Mario 64 Land you want to play!! Fun with this new Mario Bross classic game. Want retro games? Every day on Kukogames, don't worry that we have new games.

In Super Mario 64 Land you can relive a 3D adventure in the classic match of Mario 64 where our favorite plumber 's experience comes with a much more authentic plunge in the best 3D style in this game.

Each land with 4 main levels and a boss is in Super Mario 64. You have to reach the target area where you get a star at every level you play.

Super Mario 64 Land is the first of the Super Mario series to feture a three-dimensional ( 3D) title for a 1996 video game for the Nintendo 64.

For those of us who have finished Super Mario 64, this hack will give us a new adventure:
The Kingdom celebrated Princess Peach 's birthday, and all the toads were cheering, except that which was a star guard who had a very strong and destructive force.
Hazardous would give whoever got it the biggest power after the left toad, Bowser seizes the star and goes with it. From there, Peach is going to call us so we can retrieve the star; in this mode, in addition to the standard searches, we will have different mechanics, for example the leap through walls that was famous with Super Mario Wii U. In the mode, we would have to encounter enemies that we'd already met before.

Our website KIZ10, the famous Italian character that we all like and know MARIO together with his Toad, his friends, Princess Peach, has reached the game, which marks many SUPER MARIO 64 LAND 's children ... We also offer you the opportunity to venture into a new adventure from the comfort of your computer with your foes, his rival to death Bowser.

When Bowser infiltrated to steal the star, Princes Peach desperately asked him to stop Bowser and recover the star because he didn't intend that everything would be peaceful and harmonious. In the normal routine to protect THE Star, suddenly the scandal succumbs in the quiet. In advance, we warn you that this is not an straightforward adventure as the difficult levels go beyond the boundaries that we are accustomed to, an adventure that approves of your intuition, endurance and pain.

We give to you the ability to change controls to your taste to make you feel more relaxed while playing, but you don't have to worry because the toad teaches us to learn how to handle the game.
You'll have to be knowledgeable when solving the riddle, and if you don't answer it, you will not be allowed to continue on to the next level because it is interrupted. Then, the challenge is whether you will go to the next stage.

We invite you to play LAND SUPER MARIO 64 so that your limit can be reached and you recall Mario's old days.

The final score is protected by three factors:

Coins: 50 for each currency
Bonus Time: 64 under 300 per second
Base: for the destruction and gathering of enemies

One curious fact is that Super Mario 64 has been renowned for being one of the best video games ever and was the first game to be won by Edge Magazine.

There's always a perfect opportunity with to play this game completely free.

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